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Bullmastiff Breeding, Care and Puppies

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Welcome to my site.
At Black River I live a somewhat unconventional life; and I do not apologize for it. I have not chosen either of the two conventional methods of running a breeding program; one centered on the show ring and the other centered on the profit. I have set one goal for this endeavor; to breed strong healthy functional specimens of the bullmastiff that are true to the original intent of the breed and standard.
I do show for confirmation And have my dogs health tested and certified.
I have experienced first hand the unethical practices of exploiting animals for profit. Due to this; I vowed from the beginning that my Bullmastiff Kennel would be designed around the desire of happy live's for all involved!
I have designed my pens to be approx. an acre or more in size, to give plenty of room to romp around and play. All pens have ample shade and a kiddy pool, as bullies love a splash and enjoy the water. Each Bullmastiff dog has a buddy, another bully, which they get along with so they are never lonely; because all bullies are extremely social creatures. Every day everyone is rotated into the house, where they are treated to a bath. Feel free to visit and experience our world for your self. Check out our bullmastiff puppies as well. On the Planned litters page you will see Bullmastiff puppies that I have available now and occasionally adult Bullmastiff dogs. The future Bullmastiff breedings can also be seen. I have brindle bullmastiffs, red bullmastiffs, fawn bullmastiffs and red/fawn bullmastiffs. You will also find lots of information on care for your bullmastiff and bullmastiff puppy on the care page.


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