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Welcome To Black River Bullmastiffs

At Black River Bullmastiffs I have not chosen either of the two conventional methods of running a breeding program; one centered on the show ring and the other centered on the profit. I have set my own goals for this truly rewarding hobby; to breed strong healthy functional Bullmastiffs. I strive for Bullmastiffs that are true to the original intent of the breed and standard. Sound mind well balanced, breed type, heavy bone and the ability to move. My Bullmastiffs truly work they all have drive and purpose. They do not live in crates to keep them safe and Barbie/Ken like so they look pretty for the next show.

I do show for confirmation and support and encourage my puppy owners to engage in many sports available to our breed. I have my dogs health tested and certified for clearance of the diseases that I believe are genetic. Let me be clear Many of the things you here about genetics and what is passed on is not correct. There is NOT a consensus on all genetic diseases.

Why Choose Us?


Our dogs are not kennel dogs. We consistently work and show or dogs. They are active in our lives every day.


We breed very selectively. Every litter is planned and has the purpose of Improving the Black Rive Blood line.


We respect the breed. We are involved in breed rescue and representing the quality this breed deserves.


We have owned and bred Bullmastiffs for over 20 years. We provide a life long support for puppies we produce and there owners.

News & Health

About the Breed

Neck--Slightly arched, of moderate length, very muscular, and almost equal in circumference to the skull. Topline--Straight and level between withers and loin. Body--Compact. Chest wide and deep, with ribs well sprung and well set down between the forelegs. Back--Short, giving the impression of a well balanced dog. Loin--Wide, muscular, and slightly arched, with fair depth of flank. Tail--Set on high, strong at the root, and tapering to the hocks. It may be straight or curved, but never carried hound fashion.

Expression--Keen, alert, and intelligent. Eyes Dark and of medium size. Ears--V-shaped and carried close to the cheeks, set on wide and high, level with occiput and cheeks, giving a square appearance to the skull; darker in color than the body and medium in size. Skull Large, with a fair amount of wrinkle when alert; broad, with cheeks well developed. Forehead flat. Stop--Moderate. Muzzle--Broad and deep; its length, in comparison with that of the entire head, approximately as 1 is to 3. Lack of foreface with nostrils set on top of muzzle is a reversion to the Bulldog and is very undesirable. A dark muzzle is preferable. Nose--Black, with nostrils large and broad. Flews--Not too pendulous. Bite--Preferably level or slightly undershot. Canine teeth large and set wide apart.

Size--Dogs, 25 to 27 inches at the withers, and 110 to 130 pounds weight. Bitches, 24 to 26 inches at the withers, and 100 to 120 pounds weight. Other things being equal, the more substantial dog within these limits is favored. Proportion--The length from tip of breastbone to rear of thigh exceeds the height from withers to ground only slightly, resulting in a nearly square appearance.

Shoulders--muscular but not loaded, and slightly sloping. Forelegs--straight, well boned, and set well apart; elbows turned neither in nor out. Pasterns straight, feet of medium size, with round toes well arched. Pads thick and tough, nails black.

Broad and muscular, with well developed second thigh denoting power, but not cumbersome. Moderate angulation at hocks. Cowhocks and splay feet are serious faults.