Adopting Versus Buying

The rewards of adopting a dog are great for both the bullmastiff and the new owner. 
You will Adopting a dog Versus Buying One
Many individuals choose to adopt a bullmastiff from a shelter, Animal Protection Agency or a family that can no longer care for the dog. Adoption is a worthy endeavor especially when you give an adult dog the second change at being a family member in a loving, and caring home. Dogs by nature want to please their owners and just want to be loved. Adult dogs are not the only ones that can be found ready for adoption, puppies are often abandoned or surrendered due to neglect or abuse and wind up in shelters and agencies that can be adopted by the public. Statistically approximately 6.5 million dogs and cats are euthanized every year due to the unavailability of owners to adopt them. When you choose to adopt a dog that is already alive and in need of a home versus making the choice to breed another bullmastiff for a wanted puppy, you are doing a very kind and loving thing for a bullmastiff deserving of a good home.

You must know that before you adopt a bullmastiff from a shelter or rescue agency; a dog in this situation has more than likely had a rough life to this point. Most dogs are abused, abandoned or neglected in order to wind up in the position to be adopted in this manner. Owners who are unable to care for them anymore surrender some dogs but all dogs in this situation are in desperate need of a loving and protective home where they will receive proper nutrition, shelter, medical care, and also love and attention. These dogs may require additional training and attention especially at first, but typically turn into very loyal, grateful, and loving companions because they appreciate your care and your home more.

The individual or organization that you are adopting your dog from may not be able to tell you the history of the dog regarding age, upbringing, or training as most of that information is unknown. They may be able to give you a good guess as to the bullmastiff's breed and age but nothing is for certain when adopting a dog, unless you are adopting the bullmastiff directly from the original owner.

Your adopted bullmastiff may have physical or behavioral problems as a result of abuse or neglect that they have suffered prior to being adopted. You should have the ability to put the time, patience and effort into dealing with any of these issues so that the bullmastiff will be able to have a chance at fitting into a caring and loving home environment again. Your vet can give you much needed advice in how to re-train any bad behaviors or how to help your bullmastiff to adjust to a life without fear. You may need to housetrain your adopted dog even if it is an adult. Be prepared for any medical conditions that may result from a life of malnutrition or a life on the streets.