Putting Weight on a Skinny Dog

This is Not for Bullmastiff puppies Adults Only XXX
This is the Original Satin Ball Recipe

As I feed mostly Raw I have other added ingredients. Feel free to e-mail me if you would like some alternate formulas, but this one is very effective.

10 pounds hamburger meat (the cheapest kind) 
1 lg. box of Total cereal 
1 lg. box oatmeal 
1 jar of wheat germ 
1 1/4 cup veg oil 
1 1/4 cup of unsulphured molasses 
10 raw eggs AND shells 
10 envelopes of unflavored gelatin 
pinch of salt

Mix all the ingredients together.

Fill small freezer bag with 1 labs and freeze.

Feed your dog as you regularly do and then after they have eaten treat them with the Satin Balls.

you can actually make them into balls, I find it easier to store in the freezer in patty form.