So You Want To Show Your Bullmastiff ?

When I first started in the Bullmastiff breed, I studied many breeders, the Bullmastiff standard and the history of the breed. I was never interested in prancing around a ring with a bunch of tight lip angry "ladies" (and a few men)... I just wanted to own and breed the best Bullmastiff possible. I contacted many of the top breeders of that time and basically received the equivalent of a punch in the face. I had already purchased my first two bullies and was wanting to add specific qualities that I could see I was lacking in the two I had. One breeder that is not with us anymore told me, " I would never place one of my dogs with you, LEARN THE STANDARD !" HMMM I was contacting her because she seemed to have dogs that where well bred and to the standard. similar punches from many more breeders, so I came up with a plan. Basically they could all kiss my ass and I would accomplish my goal a different way (The Long Way). I bought several Bullmastiffs from breeders that were not held in high regard by the hierarchy of breeders. I found all the traits I needed to build quality using the standard as my guide. All these breeding were extreme out crosses again (The long way). Then one day a friend told me about a dog for sale back east for 500.00 that was beautiful. I contacted the breeder and asked for more pictures, wow this boy was amazing, this boy was Charlie. I didn't know at the time if she had not liked him or was just getting out of breeding, but never the less she placed him with me full registration. I drove out east and picked him up. Charlie changed the coarse of my breeding program. Looking back at him now, I see his many flaws, but what was behind him came through in big ways. After producing several quality litters I still did not have any desire to get in the show ring with all the miserable people that tried to discourage me. That all changed the day a friend of mine again contacted the breeder that would never place one of her dogs with me and made the mistake of mentioning my name. She told her my dogs still were not quality because I did not show confirmation and prove they were. Ok Fights on I hired a handler and put my two best dogs out there and specifically went to her area and all the shows she was attending. My brindle puppy 12 months took a 5 point major at her clubs specialty along with many other wins and my bitch dominated over what she had out at the time. Sweet Revenge... not really it just fed my competitive nature. Side note: She ended up placing a pup with me and bred one of her better known dogs to mine. And now for my true opinion of Dog Shows... Rent, download whatever the movie Best in show, yes that is real. That world is its own culture sort of like Carnies. It is corrupt as politics. You have lots of money you can finish your mutt. The more success you have the more cut throat it gets. Many of these people have nothing else in life so it is all consuming to them. They go to all lengths to win and I mean all. I was at a show recently and currently only competing in owner handled events. I am trying to get one last title on an amazing girl I have. The show had a breeder judge the first day and two other breeder judges showing to her... LOL how do you think that one went. judges showing to judges really ? The most pathetic thing about it was both the breeder judges showing in owner handled were not even ranked and rarely shown owner handled. The best part was the judge does have a owner handled ranked dog behind mine.... add it up Politics. So the point to my little rant is for all my prospective puppy owners, if you want to show your Bullmastiff do it ! until it is not fun anymore at that point enjoy your awesome companion.