Vet Bills

It is not only the hard economic times that we live in, but also the fact that vets can do so much more for our dogs than in years past that makes vet bills so much higher than what they used to be. The treatments to prolong the life of our dogs are more extensive and much more expensive. There are more medicines, more laboratory tests and more advanced surgical techniques. We all want our dogs to live longer and healthier lives but cannot always afford to keep up with the veterinary advances that allow our dogs to have better lives. Do not be afraid to find out what financial help exists in your community. Here are some tips for discovering what is available to you and your Bullmastiff.

One way to have the money when it is need for vet bills is to put aside a certain amount each month in a special "pet savings account". This account will only be used for vet bills. Ask your bank which savings account is best regarding not only the interest earned on the account but an account that will allow you to make withdrawals multiple times a year if necessary. Some savings accounts will limit withdrawals of money to five times in 12 months without having penalties assessed so be sure to ask.

Ask your local vet if the office has a payment plan for certain procedures, medications or when a bill is over a certain amount. Some vets give discounts for multiple pet families.

Your local shelter may have a list of subsidized veterinary clinics or veterinary assistance programs in your area. If you do not know your local shelter, look it up in your local phone book under "animal shelter", or you may find it listed under "animal control", or "humane society".

If you have a Bullmastiff , you can contact that breed's National Club to see if they offer a veterinary financial assistance fund. American Bullmastiff Accosiation

Another way to get help with vet bills is if the vet clinic you take your Bullmastiff to is a AAHA member, you can ask your vet to submit an assistance request to the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) "Helping Pets Fund". There is a Website that gives information about this program at

If you have a credit card with available funds on it, you can charge the vet bill and if need be, ask the credit card company to increase your credit card limit or to qualify you for a cash advance.

Sometimes if you have banked at your local bank for a while they may give you a loan, have a second mortgage loan program, or may suggest other options.

If you have a life insurance policy, you may be able to borrow against it by speaking with your insurance agent.

Consider dipping into a vacation savings plan, or an education fund that is not needed for a while (just be sure to put the money back when you are able to).

Ask your employer for a salary advance if possible.

There are other ways to raise cash like a neighborhood fundraiser, ask family and friends to each contribute $25 - $50 towards your need, you can offer a percentage of interest earned on their contribution when you pay them back.

If you area has temp agencies you can consider taking on a part-time job or seasonal job until you have earned enough money to pay the vet bill.

Whenever you are faced with a large vet bill, discuss the treatment options before the vet does the treatment. There may be less expensive options. If the prognosis is not good even with the treatment you may wish to rethink doing the procedure or treatment.