Stud Service Contract

Black Oaks and Black River


Stud Service Contract

20425 S.E. 74th Street

Newalla, OK.



                                                                       THIS CONTRACT CERTIFIES THAT:



Registration number: ____________________



Registration number: _____________________

DATE BRED:_____________________________________________________________________

DUE TO WHELP ON____________________________________________________________________

STUD FEE: Stud owner and Bitch owner agree on a stud fee of: __________. Half of fee is due upon signing of contract. Balance of stud fee will be payable when litter is born consisting of three live puppies.

STUD OWNER agrees to:

Breed listed dogs only, provide bitch owner with a three-generation pedigree prior to approval of breeding.  Have stud dog in top physical condition. Sign litter registration papers after stud owner deems contract conditions have been met. Provide a return service of the same stud to the same bitch if no pregnancy results from this breeding. To receive return service bitch owner must notify stud owner of failure to conceive in writing not more than 90 days following breeding. If stud dies or is no longer owned by this owner, stud owner reserves the right to offer a different stud to the bitch owner.



BITCH OWNER agrees to:


 Provide a three-generation pedigree before breeding is approved. Photos of bitch and bitches sire and dam if available.  Provide veterinary-signed affidavit stating that bitch has proof of negative brucellosis test results. Failure of bitch owner to provide this will delay the breeding until such time it has been provided. Stud owner requires documentation of progesterone level on dates of breeding.  Notify stud owner in writing no later than 90 days after mating if no pregnancy results from the breeding. Failure to provide written notification within 90 days will result in no return service. Keep bitch properly confined prior to and following breeding to insure no dog could accidentally breed her before breeding season is over. If Stud owner upon seeing pictures or on site viewing of litter has concerns that bitch was not bred by stud provided, bitch owner shall be required to provide DNA testing of Bitch and puppies to stud owner at Bitch owners expense. If DNA results show the litter to be produced from Stud, Stud owner will reimburse bitch owner cost of testing. Bitch Owner shall place puppies on limited registration unless written prior arrangements have been made with stud owner. Bitch owner shall provide stud owner proof of limited registration agreement with prospective puppy buyers. Permission to place pups with full registration shall only be allowed if pups are place on an approved show contract agreed upon by both stud and bitch owner.


Three puppies born constitute a litter. If only two puppies result from this breeding, a return service will be offered to the same bitch on her next heat cycle provided all conditions of this contract have been met. Expenses involving repeat breeding are bitch owners responsibility.  If bitch fails to conceive on a return service, this contract is terminated. Any return service must take place on the next regular heat cycle of the bitch named in this contract. Once said bitch has produced three live puppies from said stud contract will be deemed fulfilled. This agreement is binding upon the parties hereto, their heirs, successors and assigns, and shall be governed in accordance with the laws of the State of Oklahoma. Any legal actions or disputes will be resolved in the county of Oklahoma in Oklahoma. This is the final agreement. All other agreements are merged into this agreement. Any further agreements will be in writing.

SIGNATURE STUD OWNER______________________________________________DATE__________________





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